Can't Hide that Bearcat Pride!!!


  1. Through participation in the activity programs, the student learns how to work with others for the achievement of the group and individual goals.
  2. Participation in activities is a living laboratory of equal opportunity action, where all students are treated without favor or prejudice, while learning that we are all distinctly different and unique.
  3. Participation in activities fosters the growth and well-being of the individual student.
  4. Participation in activities emphasizes good sportsmanship practices that have life-long values.
  5. Participation in activities stresses the need to act fairly, to observe laws and customs, to treat others with consideration, and to handle adversity without losing self-respect.
  6. Participation in activities allows students to strive to reach the highest possible level of their ability.
  7. Success is not determined by the number of wins and losses, but is measured by the dedication and attitude of its participants and its leadership.


  • To maintain a high standard of excellence while participating in activities at Douglas High School.
  • To provide opportunities for physical, mental and emotional growth and development.
  • To develop team and individual concepts such as loyalty, cooperation, fair play, citizenship and other desirable social traits.
  • To provide the opportunity for worthy use of leisure time in later life, either as a                          participant or spectator.
  • To promote an interest in activity programs between the student body, faculty, and community.           
  • To foster good sportsmanship in each participant, coach, and fan.


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